GOLF Gambler

a weekend golf Solution

Golf Gambler is great utility for scoring the round of golf and for tracking of all of the wagering games and side-bets being played with your buddies.

The Golf Gambler App is free to download on the iTunes Store and comes with most functions available in limited form.  It includes wager games Modified Stableford and Match Play. One additional custom wager game can be created by the user. Additionally, the free App comes with a generic golf course and the ability to create one custom golf course. In the future, a golf course database may be added if enough users express an interest.

Golf Gambler iOS App provides the following features:
    * Scoring the Round of Golf (gross and net)
    * Scoring the Wagering games
    * Intuitive interactive Golf Scorecard
    * Creating custom Wager Games
    * Creating custom Golf Courses
    * Calculated player winnings for each wager game
    * Calculated simplified payout results across all of the wager games being played

After using Golf Gambler . . . if you love the feel and convenience, you can unlock all Premium Features by using the In-App purchase screens.


    * All Ads Disabled
    * Unlimited number of Players
    * Unlimited custom Wager Games
    * Unlimited custom Golf Courses
    * Fully detailed Golf Round and Wager Results
    * Ability to email detailed Results to your players
    * 10 additional standard Wager Games
        * Gross Golf Score
        * Stableford
        * Strike Three
        * Nassau SP (stroke play)
        * Long Drive
        * Wolf
        * Bounce Back
        * Split Sixes (a.k.a. English)
        * Gruesomes
        * Daytona

If your gaming appetite has not yet been met, GAME PACK 1 can be purchased and includes 10 more standard wager games:
        * Net Golf Score
        * Sixes (a.k.a. Hollywood or Round Robin)
        * Skins
        * Nassau MP (match play)
        * Closest to Pin
        * Criss Cross (a.k.a Best Nine)
        * Garbage (a.k.a Trash, Junk or Dots)
        * Las Vegas
        * Acey Duecey (Aces and Deuces)
        * Quota